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    Auffrischdatum Tanz Choreo Originalmusik Level Rhythmus Phrasierung Bemerkungen
    05.07.2024 I Showed You The Door Ria VosIntermediate-Restart
    05.07.2024 At Your Worst Glynn Rodgers & Heather BartonIntermediate-No
    05.07.2024 Drinkaby Rachael McEnaney DrinkabyImproverECSTag
    05.07.2024 Ready Right Now Daniel Trepat (NL) & Chloé Ourties (FR) Ready Right Now - LÒNIS & Shelly FairchildImprover-Tag
    05.07.2024 Hitch A Ride Tina Argyle Ridin' My Thumb To MexicoBeginner2-StepNo
    05.07.2024 Amame Robin Mc Gowan Hickie AmameIntermediateRumbaNo
    05.07.2024 Watermelon Moonshine Yvonne Verhagen Watermelon MoonshineImproverNC 2Restart
    05.07.2024 Triple You Gudrun Schneider & Silvia Schill YouImprover-Tag
    05.07.2024 Another One Bites The Dust Ryan Hunt Another One Bites The DustIntermediate-Restart
    05.07.2024 Toes Rachael McEnaney ToesImproverCha ChaNo
    05.07.2024 Whiskey Bridges Maddison Glover Whiskey Under the BridgeBeginnerECSNo
    05.07.2024 The Morning After Gary O'Reilly The Morning AfterBeginner2-StepNo
    05.07.2024 Make Some New Love Camps, Belloque Vane, Verdonk Hey Old LoverBeginner-Tag
    05.07.2024 Praise Marlon Ronkes (NL) & Romain Brasme (FR) Praise (Radio Version) - Elevation WorshipIntermediatePolkaTag
    05.07.2024 I've Been Waiting For You Alison Johnstone (Nuline) & Joshua Talbot (Aus) August 2018 I've Been Waiting For YouImproverNC 2Restart
    05.07.2024 El Merengue Raymond Sarlemijn (NL), Darren Bailey (UK), Ira Weisburd (USA), Roy Anthony Shepherd (NOR) & Roy Verdonk (NL) El Merengue - Marshmello & Manuel TurizoImproverMamboNo
    05.07.2024 My Spicy Margarita Joshua Talbot (AUS) Spicy Margarita - Jason Derulo & Michael BubléImproverCha ChaNo
    05.07.2024 Ready To Be Loved Luna VALERIOTI (FR) 2 Be Loved (Am I Ready) - LizzoBeginner-No
    05.07.2024 Every Minute Of The Day Pat Newell (USA) From Time to Time - Rascal FlattsBeginnerTriple 2-StepNo
    05.07.2024 Un Poquito Rachael & Jo Thomson Un PoquitoBeginnerSambaNo
    05.07.2024 Cold Heart Maddison Glover Cold HeartImprover-No
    05.07.2024 Dini Seel ä chli la bambälä la Marcel Rohrer Dini Seel ä chli la bambälä laBeginner-No
    05.07.2024 Drinking Problem Darren "Daz" Bailey Drinking ProblemImproverCha ChaNo
    05.07.2024 Golden Wedding Ring Severine Fillion Golden RingBeginner2-StepTag
    05.07.2024 Under The Sun Kathy Chang and Sue Hsu Under The SunBeginner-No
    05.07.2024 My Dancing Feet Fred Whitehouse (IRE) & Jannie Tofte Stoian (DK) Dancing Feet - Tim GallagherIntermediateWCSNo
    05.07.2024 In Walked You Maggie Gallagher In Walked You - William Michael MorganIntermediate2-StepRestart
    05.07.2024 Space In My Heart Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Galagher Space In My HeartImprover-No
    05.07.2024 I Will Carry You Kate Sala I Will Carry You - Ellie HolcombImproverNC 2No
    05.07.2024 Never Drinking Again Lee Hamilton I'm Never Drinking AgainBeginner-No
    05.07.2024 The Jester And The Jocker Maggie Gallagher A Song for the Drunk and Broken Hearted - PassengerImprover2-StepRestart
    05.07.2024 The Joker And The Queen Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick The Joker And The QueenIntermediateNC 2No
    05.07.2024 When You're Drunk Heather Barton & Glynn Rodger I Hate You When You're DrunkIntermediate-No
    05.07.2024 Straight Line Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly Straight LineIntermediatePolkaRestart
    05.07.2024 Return To Love Gary O'Reilly Return To LoveIntermediateNC 2Restart
    05.07.2024 Fixing Me Fred Whitehouse Fixing MeIntermediateNC 2No
    05.07.2024 The Card You Gamble Gary O'Reilly The Card You GambleImproverECSNo
    05.07.2024 Work The World Lee & Furnell & Godden Time MachineAdvanced-ABC
    05.07.2024 Texas Hold 'Em Guylaine Bourdages Texas Hold 'EmIntermediatePolkaNo
    05.07.2024 Telling on my Heart Ria Vos Telling on my HeartIntermediateWCSNo
    05.07.2024 Our Own Party Roy Hadisubroto, Shane McKeever, Jo Thompson Szymanski Dance (Our Own Party) - The BuskerIntermediateFunkyTag
    05.07.2024 A Story Told Kate SalaIntermediate-Restart
    05.07.2024 Portland Dance Floor Amy Glass (USA), Dustin Betts (USA), Jean-Pierre Madge (CH), José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL), Simon Ward (AUS) & Niels Poulsen (D Our Song - P!nkIntermediateNC 2No
    05.07.2024 Portland Cha Amy Glass MercyIntermediateCha ChaNo
    05.07.2024 21 Forever Maggie Gallagher / Gary O'Reilly 21 ForeverIntermediate-Restart
    05.07.2024 Eyes Closed Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'ReillyIntermediate-Restart
    05.07.2024 Things Garry Lafferty Things I carry aroundBeginner-No
    05.07.2024 Summer Fly Geoffrey Rothwell SummerflyImprover2-StepTag
    05.07.2024 Mi Verdad Mägi Keller Mi VerdadImproverCha ChaRestart
    05.07.2024 Green Green Grass Karl-Harry Winson Great Balls Of FireImproverFunkyNo
    05.07.2024 A Cold Beer Shane McKeever, José Miguel Belloque Vane & Niels PoulsenImprover-Tag
    05.07.2024 Codigo Pat Stott CodigoBeginner-No
    05.07.2024 Playboys Karl-Harry Winson PlayboysImprover-Restart
    05.07.2024 Irish Boots Ivonne Verhagen & Kate Sala & Jef Camps & Roy Verdonk Head Over BootsImproverPolkaABC
    05.07.2024 We Only Live Once Robbie McGowan Hickie We Live Only OnceIntermediate-No
    05.07.2024 Crystal Cha Maddison Glover & Simon Ward Every Time You Take Your TimeIntermediateCha ChaRestart
    05.07.2024 If You Believe Gary O'Reilly If You BelieveIntermediate-No
    05.07.2024 Men On A Mission Gary O'Reilly, Guillaume Richard & Niels Poulsen Man on a Mission - Oh The LarcenyAdvanced-Restart
    05.07.2024 Around The Fire Kate Sala, Chrystel DURAND, Darren Bailey & Guillaume Richard OLD COUNTRY BARN - James JohnstonIntermediate-Restart
    05.07.2024 Wreckage Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever WreckageIntermediate-No
    05.07.2024 Waterfall Maggie Gallagher WaterfallImprover-No
    05.07.2024 Story Maddison Glover StoryImprover2-StepRestart
    05.07.2024 Mama & Me Gary O'Reilly MamasImprover2-StepTag
    05.07.2024 Cowboy Don't Roy Verdonk, Ira Weisburd, Seb. Holtland Cowboy Don'tBeginner-No
    05.07.2024 That Honky Tonk Highway Maggie Shipley Honky Tonk HigwayBeginner-No
    05.07.2024 Here I Am Honey José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL), Roy Verdonk (NL) & Jef Camps (BEL) Cry To MeBeginner-No
    05.07.2024 Lucky Lips (Gary Lafferty) Gary Lafferty Lucky Lips (The Conquerors)Beginner-No
    05.07.2024 Jersey Giant Gudrun Schneider Jersey GiantIntermediate2-StepTag
    05.07.2024 Storm & Stone Madison Glover Run (Storm & Stone)Improver-ABC
    05.07.2024 Storm And Stone Maddison Glover Run (Storm & Stone)Improver-No
    05.07.2024 Stand By Me Raymond Sarlemijn & Roy Verdonk Stand By MeBeginner-No
    05.07.2024 Come Dance With Me Jo Thompson Come Dance With MeBeginnerWCSNo
    05.07.2024 Something In The Water Niels Poulsen Something In The WaterBeginnerPolkaNo
    05.07.2024 Rita's Waltz Jo Thompson Stars Over TexasBeginnerWaltzNo
    05.07.2024 Outside In Diana Dawson Outside Looking InBeginner-No
    05.07.2024 Blue Night Cha Kim Ray Blue NightBeginnerCha ChaNo
    05.07.2024 3 Tequila Floor M. Glover / Jo Th. Scymanski 3 Tequila FloorIntermediate-No
    05.07.2024 My Broken Heart Gary 0'Reilly Broken Heart - M.BuckBandIntermediate-Tag
    05.07.2024 Good For You Ria VosImproverWaltzRestart
    05.07.2024 Thunder in my Heart Maggie GallagherBeginner-No
    05.07.2024 Knock Off Niels Paulsen / Chrystel Durand Knock Off - Jess MoskalukeIntermediate-Restart
    05.07.2024 Give Me Your Tempo Nathan Gardiner TempoImprover-No
    05.07.2024 The Sphinx Simon Ward, Roy Hadisubroto usw MedellinAdvancedCha ChaABC
    05.07.2024 Everyone Needs A Hero Roy Verdonk, Grace David, Jef Camps Holding Out For A HeroIntermediate-Tag
    05.07.2024 Faded Dreams Maddison Glover & Simon Ward & Fred Whitehouse Ain't Got A Shot - Nate BarnesIntermediate6/8Restart
    05.07.2024 Til The Neons Gone Darren Bailey Til The Neon's GoneImproverCha ChaRestart
    05.07.2024 And I Say Gary 0'Reilly What's Up?IntermediateNC 2ABC
    05.07.2024 Country Touch Darren Bailey & Fred Whitehouse Country BoysImprover-Restart
    05.07.2024 Dim The Lights Maddison Glover, Simon Ward The Kind Of Love We MakeIntermediate-Restart
    05.07.2024 Good To Go Scott Blevins Good to Go (feat. Daphne Willis)Intermediate-No
    05.07.2024 You're My Favorite Jo Thompson Szymanski You're My Favorite -Intermediate-Restart
    05.07.2024 Dopamine Gary O'Reilly DopamineIntermediate-Restart
    05.07.2024 Dr Gipfel Monika Ottiger & Marcel Rohrer Dr GipfelImprover-ABC
    05.07.2024 Gives Me Shivers Brandon Zahorsky ShiversImprover-No
    05.07.2024 Give Me Shivers Julia Wetzel ShiversIntermediate-Restart
    05.07.2024 Train Wreck Niels Poulsen Can't Let GoImprover-No
    05.07.2024 Bad Habits Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly Bad HabitsIntermediate-Restart
    05.07.2024 Til You Can't Gary O‘Reilly Til You Can'tIntermediate-Restart
    05.07.2024 Some Kind Of Wonderful Gary O’Reilly Some Kind Of WonderfulBeginnerECSNo
    05.07.2024 Pass Me A Beer Carrie Ann Earl (ES) Island SongBeginner-No
    05.07.2024 Reunited Niels Paulsen UndividedBeginner2-StepTag
    05.07.2024 I'm On My Way Maggie Gallagher Toora Loora LayBeginner-No
    05.07.2024 Light Me Up José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL) & Guillaume Richard (FR) FlamesImproverWCSRestart
    05.07.2024 Tonight We're Dancing Maddison Glover Tonight We're DancingIntermediateNC 2No
    05.07.2024 Raised Like That Darren Bailey Raised Like ThatIntermediate-Restart
    05.07.2024 Twist & Turns Maddison Glover Tomorrow Never ComesIntermediatePolkaRestart
    05.07.2024 Turning Tables Maddison Glover & Tom Glover For My DaughterIntermediateNC 2Tag
    05.07.2024 Back to the Start Hayley Wheatley Back To The StartBeginner-Restart
    05.07.2024 Chosen Family Alison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot Chosen FamilyIntermediateNC 2Restart
    05.07.2024 Best of Us Manuela Gustavsson / Dirk Leibing Best of UsBeginner-No
    05.07.2024 You & Me Together Alison Biggs Dance With MeIntermediateCha ChaNo
    05.07.2024 City of Music Séverine Fillion und David Villellas City of MusicIntermediateCatalanTag
    05.07.2024 Blindsided Gary O’Reilly & Maggie Gallagher BlindsidedAdvancedWaltzRestart
    05.07.2024 Country in 3 Michele Burton, Maddison Glover, Jo Thompson Country In MeIntermediate6/8No
    05.07.2024 Half Past Tipsy Maddison Glover, Rachael McEnaney 1, 2 ManyImprover-Restart
    05.07.2024 Nothing But You Darren Bailey Nothing But YouIntermediatePolkaRestart
    05.07.2024 Rocket To The Sun Maddison Glover What You've Done to MeBeginner-Restart
    05.07.2024 Missing Heather Barton MissingImprover-No
    05.07.2024 Gypsy Queen Hazel Pace Gypsy QueenIntermediate-No
    05.07.2024 Down On Your Uppers Gary O'Reilly Down On Your UppersBeginner2-StepNo
    05.07.2024 Lonely Drum Darren Mitchell Lonely DrumImprover-Tag
    05.07.2024 True Believer! Niels Poulsen I BelieveImproverNC 2No
    05.07.2024 Blessed Jackie Miranda BlessedImproverCha ChaTag
    05.07.2024 Tag On David Villellas Too strong To BreakBeginner-Restart
    05.07.2024 His Only Need Ria Vos She Is His Only NeedIntermediateNC 2Restart
    05.07.2024 Country As Can Be Suzanne Wilson Country as a Boy can beBeginnerECSNo
    05.07.2024 Where We've Been Lana Harvey Wilson Remember WhenIntermediateNC 2No
    05.07.2024 Blue Note Jan Smith Big Blue NoteBeginnerCha ChaNo
    05.07.2024 The Trail Judy McDonald Trail Of TearsImprover2-StepRestart
    05.07.2024 Black Coffee Helen O'Malley Black CoffeeBeginnerWCSNo
    05.07.2024 Country 2 Step Masters In Line I Just Want My Baby BackBeginner2-StepNo
    05.07.2024 Canadian Stomp Unbekannt Any Man Of MineBeginner2-StepNo
    05.07.2024 Country Walkin' Teree Desarro Walkin' The CountryBeginnerPolkaNo
    05.07.2024 Feeling Kinda Lonely Margaret Swift Feeling Kinda LonelyBeginnerECSNo
    27.05.2024 Mr Funky David Preston HillbilliesImproverECSTag
    27.05.2024 Havana Cha Ria Vos Havana (feat. Young Thug) - Camila CabelloImproverCha ChaNo
    27.05.2024 Waiting On You Gary O'Reilly & Maggie GallegherAdvanced6/8Restart
    27.05.2024 We Should Get Married Maddison GloverImprover-Tag
    27.05.2024 Frisky Robbie McGowan Hickie I Walk AloneImprover-No
    27.05.2024 Driving in my Car José Miguel Belloque Vane, Alison Johnstone & Jean-Pierre Madge Fast CarImproverCha ChaRestart
    27.05.2024 Road To Errogie Karl-Harry Winson & Bob Francis Road to ErrogieIntermediateIrishNo
    27.05.2024 Pay Me My Money Down David Prestor Pay Me my Money DownImprover-Restart
    27.05.2024 1, 2 Snap Maggie Gallagher SnapIntermediate-ABC
    27.05.2024 Doin' This (CBA 2022) Fred WhitehouseIntermediate-Restart
    27.05.2024 Kitchen Dance Floor Daniel Trepat Kitchen Dance FloorImproverWaltzRestart
    27.05.2024 1+1 Niels Paulsen And Jean-Pierre Madge 1+1 (feat. Amir) (Banx & Ranx Remix) - SiaIntermediateSambaRestart
    27.05.2024 Same Boat Rachael McEnaney Same BoatImprover-Tag
    27.05.2024 Homecoming Queen Karl-Harry Winson Daydream BelieverImprover-Tag
    27.05.2024 In The Dark Gudrun Schneider in the middle of all that Troubble againImproverWCSNo
    27.05.2024 Just Keep Falling Darren Bailey Fallin'Beginner-Tag
    27.05.2024 Faithful Soul Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher Faith's SongIntermediateWaltzNo
    27.05.2024 Building Bridges Building BridgesImproverCha ChaNo
    27.05.2024 Cruel Intentions Karl-Harry Winson Don't Be CruelImproverECSRestart
    27.05.2024 Would Have Loved Her Darren Bailey Would Have Loved HerIntermediateNC 2Restart
    27.05.2024 Corn Rob Fowler CornImprover2-StepNo
    27.05.2024 The Captain Josh Talbot Wellerman (Sea Shanty)Improver-No
    27.05.2024 Aberdeen Silvia Schill AberdeenImprover-Restart
    27.05.2024 Run Me Like A River Jo & John Kinser, Guillaume Richard, Roy Verdonk, Jef Camps River - Bishop BriggsAdvanced-Restart
    27.05.2024 Jessie Rachael McEnaney-White + Simon Ward JesseIntermediate-Restart
    27.05.2024 Wanna Know Niels Poulsen NakedIntermediate6/8Tag
    27.05.2024 Cooler Than Cool Niels Poulsen Daddy CoolImprover-Restart
    27.05.2024 Vanotek Cha Garry O'Reilly Back To MeIntermediateCha ChaRestart
    27.05.2024 Bonaparte's Retreat Maddison Glover Bonaparte's RetreatBeginner-No
    27.05.2024 Seniorita La La La Julia WetzelImprover-Tag
    27.05.2024 Get Wild Maddison Glover, Jo Thompson Szymanski WildIntermediate-ABC
    27.05.2024 The One You're Waiting On Maddison Glover The One You're Waiting OnIntermediateNC 2Restart
    27.05.2024 Homesick Heart Maddison Glover HomesickBeginnerCha ChaNo
    27.05.2024 Take Me To The River Roy Verdonk & Jonas Dalhgren Take Me To The RiverIntermediateWCSTag
    27.05.2024 1976 Rolf H. Günther 1976Beginner-No
    27.05.2024 Ah Si! Rita MasurBeginner-No
    27.05.2024 The Galway Gathering Maggie Gallagher Games People PlayBeginner2-StepNo
    27.05.2024 Lord Help Me Marie Sorensen Lord Help Me Be the Kind of PersonImprover2-StepNo
    27.05.2024 Skinny Genes Patricia E. & Lizzie Stott Skinny GenesBeginner-No
    27.05.2024 Open Heart Cowboy Sandrine Tassinari & Magali Lebrun Little Yellow BlanketImproverCatalanRestart
    27.05.2024 Mamma Maria Frank Trace Mamma MariaBeginnerECSNo
    27.05.2024 Doctor Doctor Masters In Line Bad Case Of Loving YouIntermediateECSABC
    27.05.2024 Stroll Along Cha Cha Jo Thomson I Got MexicoBeginnerCha ChaNo
    27.05.2024 Rockin' Anita McNab Some BeachBeginnerWCSNo
    26.12.2023 Steamboat Queen Niels Paulsen Riverboat QueenImprover2-StepNo
    26.12.2023 Oh my Johnny Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher Oh My Johnny (Banks of the Roses9Improver-No
    26.12.2023 Dust To Dust Darren BaileyImprover-No
    26.12.2023 Crimson (CBA 2022) Alison Biggs (UK) & Peter Metelnick (UK) CrimsonIntermediate6/8Restart
    26.12.2023 What a Man Gotta Do Scott Blevins / Amy Glass What a Man Gotta DoIntermediate-No
    26.12.2023 Hometown Heart Paul JamesIntermediateNC 2Restart
    26.12.2023 Shot Of Tequila Fred Whitehouse DrunkIntermediate-No
    26.12.2023 Just A Phase Maddison Glover & Fred Whitehouse Just A PhaseIntermediateNC 2Restart
    26.12.2023 Tightrope Maggie Gallagher TightropeIntermediateWaltzNo
    26.12.2023 American Kids Randy Pelletier amercican kidsBeginner2-StepRestart
    26.12.2023 Lost in me David Villellas Wagon WheelIntermediateCatalanNo
    09.12.2022 Flaws Maggie Gallagher FlawsIntermediateNC 2Tag
    09.12.2022 Throug your eyes Maggie Gallagher Throug your eyesImprover-No
    09.12.2022 Bluesy Baby Ivonne Verhagen & Sébastien Bonnier A Mess Of BluesImproverWCSRestart
    09.12.2022 Bottom of the Bottle Gary O'Reilly Bottom Of The BottleBeginner-Tag
    09.12.2022 Levitating Fiona Murray (IRE) & Roy Hadisubroto (NL) LevitatingAdvanced-ABC
    09.12.2022 Where Did You Go Now José Miguel Belloque Vane Where Did You Go?Beginner-Restart
    09.12.2022 Cut Me Loose Fred Whitehouse Cut Me LooseIntermediate-Restart
    09.12.2022 Cyber Drop (WDM 21) Fred Whitehouse & Shane Mc Keever Drop it to the FloorAdvancedCha ChaNo
    09.12.2022 Contigo With Me! Garry O'Reilly ContigoIntermediate-No
    09.12.2022 Don't Shut Me Down Mark Furnell & Chris Godden Don't Shut Me DownIntermediateWCSRestart
    09.12.2022 My Bestie José Miguel Belloque Vane & Colin Ghys Iko IkoImprover-Tag
    09.12.2022 Don't look good naked Eddie Huffman (08/2014) I don't look good naked anymoreBeginner-No
    09.12.2022 Nothing Like You! Jef Camps & Roy Verdonk Nothing Like YouIntermediateNC 2Restart
    09.12.2022 A Little Light On Jef Camps & Roy Verdonk Afraid of the DarkImproverECSRestart
    09.12.2022 Truth Be Told Maddison Glover What Goodbye MeansIntermediate-No
    09.12.2022 One Of Us Mark Furnell & Chris Godden One Of UsImprover-Tag
    09.12.2022 Remember These Words Gaye Teather Remember These WordsImprover-No
    09.12.2022 Going Going Gone Maddison Glover Going Going GoneIntermediatePolkaTag
    09.12.2022 Hardy Darren Bailey All She Left Was MeIntermediate-No
    09.12.2022 Where Oh Where Jo Thompson Szymanski Where Did My Baby Go?Improver-No
    09.12.2022 Pick Her Up Darren Bailey Pick Her UpImprover-Restart
    09.12.2022 Love You Cha Grace David I Will Always Love YouBeginnerRumbaNo
    09.12.2022 Darling, That's The Truth! Gary O'Reilly The TruthIntermediateWCSRestart
    09.12.2022 Rolling Stone Niels Poulsen In My BonesIntermediateWCSNo
    09.12.2022 Moses Roses Toeses Amy Glass SoulImprover-No
    09.12.2022 Every Light Karl-Harry Winson Every Light In The HouseIntermediate2-StepTag
    09.12.2022 Gone West Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher Gone WestImprover-Tag
    09.12.2022 Rolling With Love Heather Barton & Simon Ward Hopelessly Devoted To YouAdvanced6/8Restart
    09.12.2022 Soul Shake Fred Whitehouse Soul ShakeIntermediateECSNo
    09.12.2022 Texas Time Alan Birchall & Jacqui JaxIntermediate-No
    09.12.2022 L.I.L.Y (Like I Love You) Darren Bailey Like I Love YouIntermediate-Restart
    09.12.2022 Down To The Honkytonk (Jones) Peter Jones & Anna Lockwood Down To The HonkytonkBeginner2-StepNo
    09.12.2022 Graffiti Karl- Harry Winson Never Comin DownIntermediateWCSTag
    09.12.2022 Groovy Love F. Whitehouse, D. Trepat, J. Dahlgren If Jesus Loves MeImproverFunkyNo
    09.12.2022 Boots (Maddison) Maddison Glover BootsIntermediate-Restart
    09.12.2022 True Believers Karl-Harry Winson True BelieversImproverPolkaRestart
    09.12.2022 P3 Gabi Ibanez Take It Or Break ItBeginner2-StepRestart
    09.12.2022 Like A Rose Mal Jones Like A RoseIntermediate2-StepNo
    09.12.2022 White Rose Gaye Teather White RoseImprover-No
    09.12.2022 Mama Loo Maria Maag, DK, Aug2013 Mama LooBeginner2-StepNo
    09.12.2022 Firestorm Adriano Castagnoli Cajun HoedownAdvanced2-StepABC
    09.12.2022 All You Need Robbie McGowan Hickie All You Really Need Is LoveBeginner2-StepNo
    09.12.2022 Rio Diana Lowery PatriciaBeginnerCha ChaNo
    10.09.2022 Don't Call Me Baby José Miguel Belloque Vane DriveAdvanced-Restart
    10.09.2022 In The Morning Sun Yvonne Verhagen, José Miguel Belloque Vane How Deep Is Your LoveBeginner-Restart
    10.09.2022 Jerusalema (64) Colin Ghys & Alison JohnstoneImprover-No
    10.09.2022 Life is a Lesson Darren Bailey & Fred Whitehouse House is a buildingIntermediateWaltzNo
    17.06.2022 Float Ya' Boat Ria Vos I Was On A Boat That DayBeginner-No
    17.06.2022 Come Alive Shane McKeever & Rachael McEnaney-White Come AliveAdvanced-ABC
    19.10.2021 Country Boy Lovin' Maddison CloverBeginner-No
    19.10.2021 Take Me Home Maddison Glover One Too ManyBeginner2-StepNo
    19.10.2021 Crystal Touch Claire Belle + Maddison Glover Slow HandsImprover-No
    19.10.2021 Little Girl Ria Vos & Jef Camps Little GirlIntermediate6/8Restart
    19.10.2021 Better Tomorrow Raymond Sarlemijn Better TomorrowIntermediateFunkyNo
    19.10.2021 I Believe In Woman Dirk Leibing My Oh MyIntermediateNC 2No
    19.10.2021 Lifeline Niels Poulsen LifelineAdvanced6/8Tag
    19.10.2021 Bring It To Me Daniel Trepat Bring It on Home to MeImprover-No
    19.10.2021 No Expectations Jason Takahashi expectationsIntermediate-No
    19.10.2021 I've Seen It All Gary O'Reilly All I Need To SeeIntermediate-No
    19.10.2021 Simple As Can Be Julia Wetzel SimpleImproverECSRestart
    16.09.2021 Faith, Hope and Love Whitehouse, Bailey + Belloque VaneImprover-No
    16.09.2021 Pick Up Your Phone Niels Poulsen 634 5789ImproverECSNo
    16.09.2021 Drink Drank Drunk Rachael McEnaney Drink Drank DrunkImprover-No
    16.09.2021 Remember You Young Armund Storsveen & Jo Thompson Szymanski Remember You YoungIntermediateWaltzNo
    16.09.2021 Up in the Air Rachael McEnaney-Whithe & Simon Ward Up In The AirIntermediate-No
    16.09.2021 Like A Fine Wine Jef Camps & Sebastien Bonnier Love Takes TimeImproverTriple 2-StepRestart
    16.09.2021 Boots Raelinn W. Dale BootsBeginner-No
    16.09.2021 Heaven On Earth Simone Ward & Malene Jakobsen AnyoneIntermediateWaltzRestart
    22.07.2021 Everything I Have Gary o'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher Better ManIntermediateNC 2Restart
    22.07.2021 This & That Gary Lafferty WomanBeginner-No
    22.07.2021 Two By Two Derek Robinson Somebody Like YouImprover2-StepNo
    13.04.2021 Fireflies RAW (Rudy Honing & Wesley F. Wessels) FireflyIntermediate2-StepTag
    13.04.2021 Together Is All About Marcel Rohrer TogetherImproverPolkaTag
    13.04.2021 Mesmerised Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever Shake It (feat. Fox Banger)Intermediate-ABC
    13.04.2021 Don't Worry Be Happy Debbie Mabbs Don't Worry Be HappyImprover-Restart
    13.04.2021 Giving You Up Grace David / Jef Camps Giving You UpIntermediateNC 2Restart
    13.04.2021 Adalaida Gary O'Reilly AdalaidaImprover-Tag
    13.04.2021 Get It Right Maddison Glover Hard Not To Love ItImprover2-StepTag
    13.04.2021 I Close My Eyes Hazel Pace Ich mach meine Augen zuBeginnerCha ChaNo
    13.04.2021 2 Lane Highway Gary O'Reilly Me And My GirlImprover2-StepTag
    13.04.2021 Stop Staring At My Eyes Raymond Sarlemijn & Niels Poulsen BoobsImproverWCSRestart
    13.04.2021 Bring On The Good Times Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher Bring On The Good TimesBeginner-Restart
    13.04.2021 Disappearing Tail Lights Alison & Peter Disappearint Tail LightsImprover2-StepNo
    13.04.2021 Another Song Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Another Song We Had To WriteImprover2-StepNo
    13.04.2021 Ticket To Heaven Rob Fowler Ticket To HeavenImproverRumbaNo
    13.04.2021 Midnight Waltz Jo Thompson Rock and Roll WaltzBeginnerWaltzNo
    13.04.2021 Island in the Stream Karen Jones Island in the streamImproverCha ChaNo
    13.04.2021 Alligator Rock Todd Lescarbeau See You Later AlligatorBeginnerECSNo
    13.04.2021 Stray Cat Strut unbekannt Cherokee BoogieBeginnerECSNo
    07.01.2020 Thousand Times Niels Poulsen HelloIntermediateNC 2Tag
    07.01.2020 24 Reasons Jill Babinec & Debi Pancoast 24 ReasonsImproverWCSRestart
    07.01.2020 Splash Sandra Speck WaterIntermediate2-StepTag
    07.01.2020 Booze Cruise (Charles Alexander) Charles Alexander Booze CruiseIntermediateFunkyTag
    20.12.2019 Legend Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson Feeling goodIntermediate-No
    20.12.2019 Brokenhearted Gary Lafferty BrokenheartedImprover-Tag
    20.12.2019 Stay With You Niels Poulsen Me Quasare ContigoIntermediateBachataRestart
    20.12.2019 Miss our Days Pol F. Ryan Miss Our DaysIntermediate-Restart
    20.12.2019 Nothing To Hide Simon Ward & Chris WatsonIntermediateCha ChaRestart
    20.12.2019 Off The Beaten Track Gary O'Reilly Off The Beaten TrackBeginner-No
    20.12.2019 Home To You Maggie Gallagher Home To YouImprover-No
    20.12.2019 Good As You Michele Burton & Michael Barr Good As YouIntermediateNC 2No
    20.12.2019 Lonely Blues Rachael McEnaney-White Mr. LonelyImprover-No
    20.12.2019 Kiss That Girl Goodbye Roy Verdonk (NL), Sebastiaan Holtland (NL) Kiss That Girl GoodbyeIntermediateECSRestart
    20.12.2019 Simply The Best Maddison Glover, Rachael McEnaney The BestIntermediateCha ChaRestart
    20.12.2019 The Show Guillaume RICHARD (FR) & Debbie Rushton (EN) The ShowIntermediateWCSABC
    20.12.2019 Troubadour Karl-Harry Winson TroubadourIntermediateNC 2Restart
    20.12.2019 Eyes For You Jo Thompson Szymanski I Don't Want Nobody To Have My Love But YouImproverWCSNo
    20.12.2019 Off My Feet Jo Thompson Szymanski & Michele Perron The Way You Make Me FeelIntermediateWCSNo
    20.12.2019 We'll Be Dancing Maggie Gallagher EverlastingIntermediateWCSNo
    20.12.2019 Honky Tonk Mood Rob Fower & Maddison Gloverer & Maddison Glover Honky Tonk MoodIntermediateECSRestart
    20.12.2019 Shout Shout Yvonne Zielonka Shout Shout (Knock Yourself Out)Improver2-StepNo
    20.12.2019 WWW.West Rob Fowler & Shelly Guichard Wild WestImproverNC 2Tag
    20.12.2019 Price You Pay Paul James/David-Ian Blakeley NaturalIntermediate-Tag
    20.12.2019 Cherry Bomb Rob Fowler / 01.2019Beginner-Restart
    20.12.2019 Secrets We Keep Shane McKeever, Guillaume RICHARD, Niels Poulsen The Secrets That We KeepIntermediateNC 2Restart
    20.12.2019 Lucky Me Maddison Glover Lucky MeIntermediate-Restart
    20.12.2019 Sleepwalk with Me Fred Whitehouse Sleepwalk (Accoustic)Intermediate-Restart
    20.12.2019 An Angel Micaela Svensson Erlandsson/Feb2018 What It She's An AngelBeginnerNC 2Tag
    20.12.2019 Lonely Girl Maddison Glover Lonely GirlBeginnerCha ChaRestart
    20.12.2019 Oh Me Oh My Oh Rob Fowler Oh Me Oh My OhIntermediate-No
    20.12.2019 Doing The Walk Pim Van Grootel, Jef Camps, Roy Verdonk Walk Of ShameImproverWCSNo
    20.12.2019 A Little Bit Lit Rob Fowler LitBeginner-No
    20.12.2019 Italiano Rachael McEnaney Mamma MiaIntermediate-Restart
    20.12.2019 Do a Little Life Maddison Glover & Michelle Risley Come do a Little LifeImprover2-StepRestart
    20.12.2019 Lost In Love Maddison Glover & Simone Ward Already GoneIntermediate6/8Restart
    20.12.2019 The Language Of Love Niels Poulson F.U.Intermediate6/8Restart
    20.12.2019 Blaze of Glory S.Ward/N.Poulsen/S.McKeever/F.Whitehouse Blaze of GloryAdvancedNC 2Tag
    20.12.2019 Metropolitans Marcel Rohrer & Monika Ottiger MetropolitansImprover6/8Restart
    20.12.2019 Ride Away Robbie McGowan Hickie Ride With MeImproverECSNo
    20.12.2019 Adventure 45 Ria Vos & José Miguel Belloque Vane Best AdventureImprover-No
    20.12.2019 Pull You Through Maddison Glover and Jo Thompson Szymanski Pull You ThroughIntermediate-Restart
    20.12.2019 All The King's Horses Alison Biggs & Peter Meterdick Out of SightIntermediateECSNo
    20.12.2019 House Of Cards Glynn "Applejack" Rodgers House Of CardsIntermediate2-StepNo
    20.12.2019 You Are The Reason Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris You Are The ReasonAdvanced6/8Restart
    20.12.2019 Woman Amen Rob Fowler Woman, AmenIntermediate-Restart
    20.12.2019 White Summer Dress Daniel Trepat & Jungye Yoon White Summer DressImproverWaltzNo
    20.12.2019 Untamed Alessandro UntamedIntermediateCatalanTag
    20.12.2019 Stay Strong Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick I'm Not Coming HomeImprover2-StepRestart
    20.12.2019 Love Remains Gary O'Reilly Love RemainsIntermediateNC 2No
    20.12.2019 Double Down Two Step Michele Burton Chip And A ChairImprover2-StepRestart
    20.12.2019 Aces and Eights Karl-Harry Winson Full House. Empty HeartImprover2-StepNo
    20.12.2019 Old and Grey Rob Fowler Old and GreyImprover2-StepNo
    20.12.2019 People Are Good Gary O'Reilly Most People Are GoodImprover2-StepRestart
    20.12.2019 Perfect Alison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot PerfectIntermediate6/8Restart
    20.12.2019 Kick A Little Dirt Around Rob Fowler & Heather Barton Kick A Little Dirt AroundAdvanced-ABC
    20.12.2019 LaLaLi Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner This Is Not GoodbyeImproverECSTag
    20.12.2019 Holly's Church Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner My ChurchImproverCatalanTag
    20.12.2019 Hearts On Fire Maggie Gallagher Hearts On FireIntermediateECSRestart
    20.12.2019 2 Hell And Back Rob Fowler & Kate Sala If you`re going trough HellImproverWCSNo
    20.12.2019 Go Greased Lightning Michele Burton & Michael BarrIntermediate-No
    20.12.2019 D.H.S.S Gaye Teather That Girl's Been SpyinIntermediate-No
    20.12.2019 Bring Down The House Stéphan Cormier&Denis Henley Bring Down The HouseImproverWCSRestart
    20.12.2019 Dig Your Heels Maddison Glover, USA (01/2017) Here's To You And IIntermediate-ABC
    20.12.2019 Hard To Say It! Niels Poulsen Hard To Say I'm SorryIntermediateNC 2Restart
    20.12.2019 Blackpool By The Sea Gaye Teather Blackpool By The SeaBeginner2-StepNo
    20.12.2019 Maybe Tomorrow Niels Poulsen, Marlene Jakobsen Maybe TomorrowIntermediateWaltzTag
    20.12.2019 A Country High Norman Gifford High on a Country SongImproverECSNo
    20.12.2019 Record Year Gudrun Schneider Record YearImprover2-StepRestart
    20.12.2019 Just For A Day Tony Vassell Just For A DayImproverCha ChaRestart
    20.12.2019 Rock and Roll Cowboy Contra Marie SorensenBeginner-No
    20.12.2019 Tell The World Robbie McGowan Hickie, 03/2015 Tell the WorldImprover-No
    20.12.2019 Still Got The Blues Niels Poulsen Still Got The BluesIntermediateWaltzRestart
    20.12.2019 All About A Woman Maggie Gallagher Don't Ask Me About A WomanBeginnerECSNo
    20.12.2019 Corn Don't Grow Tina Argyle Where corn dont' growImproverTriple 2-StepTag
    20.12.2019 55 Ford Debbie Ellis 55 FordBeginnerECSNo
    20.12.2019 Trespassing Darren Baily & Fred Whitehouse TrespassingBeginner-ABC
    20.12.2019 High Cotton Niels B. Poulsen High CottonImprover2-StepRestart
    20.12.2019 Pontoon Gail Smith PontoonImproverWCSNo
    20.12.2019 Caballero Ira Weissburd CaballeroIntermediateRumbaRestart
    20.12.2019 Go Seven Ria Vos Seven Lonely DaysBeginnerECSNo
    20.12.2019 People are crazy Gaye Teather People are crazyImprover2-StepNo
    20.12.2019 My Pretty Belinda Vikki Morris Pretty BelindaBeginner-No
    20.12.2019 Kill The Spiders Gaye Teather You Need A Man Around HereIntermediateWCSNo
    20.12.2019 Brokenheartsville Peter Metelnick BrokenheartsvilleIntermediateCha ChaNo
    20.12.2019 Bread And Butter Roz Morgan Shortenin' BreadBeginnerECSNo
    20.12.2019 Rhyme Or Reason Rachael McEnaney It HappensIntermediateECSRestart
    20.12.2019 To Hell and back Rob Fowler&Kate Sala If you`re going trough HellBeginnerPolkaNo
    20.12.2019 Knee Deep Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Knee DeepImprover2-StepTag
    20.12.2019 Bosa Nova Phil Dennington Blame It On The Bossa NovaBeginnerRumbaNo
    24.09.2019 Shallow Heli Kesküla, Merle Kukk, Kairit Linnaste ShallowIntermediateCha ChaTag
    09.04.2019 Loveable Hugable Tina Argyle UnbelievableBeginnerECSTag
    09.04.2019 Sober Saturday Night Maddison Glover Sober Saturday NightIntermediateNC 2Restart
    09.04.2019 Slow Roll It Esmeralda v.d. Pol Slow Roll ItIntermediateCha ChaTag
    09.04.2019 Fully Clothed Scott Blevins and Betsy Courant Bang BangIntermediateFunkyNo
    09.12.2018 For The World Maddison Glover Wouldn't Have Missed It For The WorldImproverECSRestart
    09.12.2018 Little Princess Mario & Lilly Hollensteiner That's What I Want To SayBeginner-No
    09.12.2018 All Katchi, All Night Long Kerry Maus Katchi-Ofenbach & Nick WaterhouseIntermediate-ABC
    09.12.2018 Celtic Duo Maggie Gallagher & Gary 0'Reilly Celtic DuoIntermediate-Restart
    09.12.2018 Too Much Love Will Kill You Ivonne Verhagen & Roy Verdonk Too Much Love Will Kill YouAdvancedNC 2Restart
    09.12.2018 Legendary José Miguel Belloque Vane LegendaryAdvancedNC 2ABC
    09.12.2018 Throwback Love Pim,Jose, Raymon Throwback LoveIntermediate-Restart
    09.12.2018 The Older I Get Wil Bos & Yvonne Smeets The Older I GetIntermediateNC 2No
    09.12.2018 Southern Thing Rob Fowler & Darren Bailey Ain't Just A Southern ThingIntermediate-Tag
    09.12.2018 Will You Call Me? Niels Poulsen FamousIntermediate6/8No
    09.12.2018 Save Me Tonight Maggie Gallagher Save Me TonightBeginner2-StepRestart
    09.12.2018 Wandering Hearts Maggie Gallagher Wish I CouldImprover2-StepNo
    09.12.2018 Roots Tina Argyle RootsIntermediateECSRestart
    09.12.2018 Another Crazy Year Maddison Glover Trip Around The SunIntermediate2-StepRestart
    09.12.2018 Chasing Down A Good Time Dan Albro Chasing Down A Good TimeIntermediate-No
    09.12.2018 Anybody Ever Told You? Gary O'Reilly Has Anybody Ever Told YouIntermediateNC 2No
    09.12.2018 Corazon Diamante Maggie Gallagher Corazon DiamanteIntermediateRumbaRestart
    09.12.2018 Lay Low (Darren Bailey) Darren Bailey Lay LowImprover-Tag
    09.12.2018 Makita Kate Sala & Robin McGowan Hickie Just One TimeImproverFoxNo
    09.12.2018 Jesse James Rachael McEnaney Just Like Jesse JamesIntermediateNC 2Tag
    09.12.2018 Chill Factor Daniel Whittaker & Hayley Westhead Last NightIntermediateFunkyNo
    30.09.2018 Tender Heart Saku Tonteri & Jonas Dahlgren Tender HeartIntermediateRumbaRestart
    24.09.2018 Saginaw Michigan Peter GrafBeginner-Tag
    24.09.2018 Rose From The Sea Rep Ghazali-Meaney Rosa Del MarBeginnerCha ChaNo
    24.09.2018 Paddy's Choir Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher Place In The ChoirBeginnerIrishTag
    24.09.2018 Staring At The Moon Gudrun Schneider Staring At The MoonImproverPolkaTag
    24.09.2018 Cowboy for a Night Alison Johnstone, etc. Cowboy For A NightBeginner-No
    24.09.2018 Love Her For A While Vivienne Scott Love Her For A WhileImprover2-StepRestart
    24.09.2018 Once & Only Marcel Rohrer & Michelle Leupin Once And OnlyImproverECSABC
    24.09.2018 Greater Than Me Maggie Gallagher GreaterIntermediatePolkaRestart
    24.09.2018 Silver Lining Maggie Gallagher Silver LiningImprover2-StepNo
    24.09.2018 The Gambler Gary Dubé & Dennis HenleyImprover-No
    24.09.2018 Askin Questions Larry Bass Askin QuestionImproverPolkaNo
    19.12.2017 Nancy Mulligan Maggie Gallagher + Gary OReilly Nancy MulliganIntermediateIrishRestart
    19.12.2017 Summer Sway Rachael McEnaney SwayImproverWCSRestart
    19.12.2017 Get Down The Fiddle Micaela Svenssson Erlandssson, SE (Feb. 2016) Louisiana Saturday NightBeginner2-StepNo
    19.12.2017 Hold Jgor Pasin Maybe I Shouldn'tIntermediateCatalanABC
    19.12.2017 Lemonade Jo Thompson & Malene Jakobsen LemonadeIntermediateWCSTag
    19.12.2017 One More Day Julia Wetzel One More DayIntermediateNC 2Restart
    19.12.2017 Lullaby Waltz Tina Argyle Drift Off The DreamBeginnerWaltzNo
    19.12.2017 Sofia Francien Sittrop 05/2016 SofiaIntermediateSambaTag
    19.12.2017 Big Blue Tree Ria Vos Big Blue TreeBeginnerECSNo
    19.12.2017 The Real Deal Heather Barton & Willie Brown Baby I´m RightImproverWCSRestart
    19.12.2017 Everything To Us Roy Verdonk & Niels Poulsen Everything To MeBeginnerTriple 2-StepRestart
    19.12.2017 Tomorrow Never Comes Karl " The Spirit" Gregeen If Tomorrow Never ComesImproverNC 2No
    19.12.2017 Patsy Fagan Francien Sittrop Patsy FaganImproverPolkaTag
    19.12.2017 Modern Romance Kate SalaIntermediate-Restart
    19.12.2017 Save The Day Karl-Harry Winson One Call AwayIntermediateCha ChaRestart
    19.12.2017 Ay Ay Ay David Villellas Navajo RugIntermediate2-StepRestart
    19.12.2017 Up Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick UpIntermediate-Tag
    19.12.2017 With These Eyes Darren Balley/Niels PoulsenIntermediateNC 2No
    19.12.2017 The Bomp Kim Ray Who Put The Bomp?Improver2-StepNo
    19.12.2017 Homegrown Rachael McEnaney HomegrownBeginner-No
    19.12.2017 And Get It On Trepat, Belloque Vane Marvin Gaye (ft. Meghan Trainor)IntermediateCha ChaNo
    19.12.2017 Priority David Villellas Chicken FriedImprover-No
    19.12.2017 Rock Paper Scissors Maggie Gallagher Rock Paper ScissorsIntermediateIrishTag
    19.12.2017 Little White Church Nathalie Di Vito Little White ChurchAdvanced-No
    19.12.2017 Going back west Werner Hotz Going back westBeginnerWCSNo
    08.11.2017 Expectations Francien Sittrop Lost On YouIntermediate-No
    29.10.2017 Lately Craig Bennett & Pat Stott Have I Told You LatelyIntermediateNC 2No
    29.10.2017 Teenage Crush Stephan Rutter & Clair ButerworthBeginner-No
    29.10.2017 Dream Lover Daniel Whittaker Dream LoverImproverECSTag
    29.10.2017 Apache Spirit Dance Daniel Trepat more Cows than PeopleBeginner-No
    29.10.2017 Bonfire Heart Gaetan Ballecherie & Virgile Porcher Bonfire HeartImprover-Tag
    29.10.2017 Cowboy Yoddle Song Pierre Provencher & Louise Bohémier Cowboy Yoddle SongBeginnerPolkaNo
    29.10.2017 It's A Country Thing Tim Hand I'm From The CountryBeginnerECSNo
    29.10.2017 Highway Roland Gutzwiller HighwayBeginnerWaltzNo
    29.10.2017 Pot Of Gold Liam Hrycan Dance Above The RainbowIntermediatePolkaNo
    29.10.2017 Irish Stew Lois Lightfoot Irish StewBeginnerPolkaNo
    29.10.2017 Crazy Foot Mambo Paul Mc Adam If You Wanna Be HappyImprover-No
    10.01.2017 Fall In Love Patricia Stott Never Gonna Fall In LoveBeginnerWCSTag
    10.01.2017 Fishing Wishing Kissing Valerie O'Shea Shadows In The NightImproverECSRestart
    10.01.2017 Mary's Jive Kenny Teh Hello Mary LouBeginnerPolkaNo
    10.01.2017 80 Proof Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Drink Myself Out Of Love With YouIntermediateECSTag
    10.01.2017 Crooked Jack Ira Weisburd Crooked JackImproverIrishTag
    10.01.2017 Alvaro Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson All In My HeadBeginner-No
    10.01.2017 Extreme Love Niels Poulsen Like I'm Gonna Lose YouIntermediateNC 2Restart
    10.01.2017 Princess Cha Chris Watson / Maddison Glover / Niels Poulsen Miss YouIntermediateCha ChaRestart
    10.01.2017 Don't Close Your Eyes Kim Ray Don't Close Your EyesIntermediateNC 2No
    10.01.2017 Beautiful Day Gaye Teather Beautiful DayBeginnerWCSNo
    10.01.2017 Ain't Going Nowhere Lori Wong Don't Tell Me What To DoBeginner-No
    10.01.2017 Don't Call Me A Friend Stephanie Chong TitleImprover-No
    10.01.2017 Girl Crush A. Johnston & R. McEnaney Girl CrushAdvanced-Restart
    10.01.2017 Vampire Heart Niels Poulsen Wild HeartImproverPolkaTag
    10.01.2017 Uptown Funk AB Debbie Hogg Uptown FunkBeginnerFunkyNo
    10.01.2017 The Boat To Liverpool Ross Brown, UK On The Boat To LiverpoolImproverIrishRestart
    10.01.2017 South Australia Gary O'Reilly South AustraliaIntermediateIrishNo
    10.01.2017 Riverbank Stomp DeAnna Lee River BankIntermediateTriple 2-StepNo
    10.01.2017 I Just Can't Let You Go Wil Bos & Aurélie Clota (12/2013) I Can't Stop Loving YouIntermediate-Restart
    10.01.2017 Hug Yvonne van Baalen HugIntermediateWaltzNo
    10.01.2017 Far From The Charts Niels Poulsen Far From The ChartsIntermediate2-StepTag
    10.01.2017 California Blue Jean Bridgeman California BlueIntermediateCha ChaNo
    10.01.2017 This Is Me Yvonne Anderson This Is Me Missing YouImprover-Restart
    10.01.2017 Walk Alone Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie I Walk AloneIntermediate-Restart
    10.01.2017 Fly High Maggie Gallagher Let Me GoIntermediate-Tag
    10.01.2017 In My Heart Maggie Gallagher, UK (11.2013) Knee Deep In My HeartIntermediate2-StepRestart
    10.01.2017 Driving In A Fast Lane Robert Hahn, DE Calm After The StormImproverTriple 2-StepNo
    10.01.2017 A Little Bit Gypsy Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Little Bit GypsyIntermediate2-StepTag
    10.01.2017 Wave On Wave Alan Birchall (UK) Wave on WaveImproverCha ChaNo
    10.01.2017 Lovin' You Is Fun Daniel Trepat & José Miguel Belloque VaneImprover-No
    10.01.2017 London Rhythm Swing Audri R. London RhythmImprover2-StepNo
    10.01.2017 Whiskey's Gone Rob Fowler Whiskey's GoneIntermediatePolkaTag
    10.01.2017 Second Hand Tequila Francien Sittrop Second Hand TequilaBeginnerCha ChaNo
    10.01.2017 Heaven In My Woman's Eyes Daniel Trepat Heaven In My Woman's EyesImprover2-StepNo
    10.01.2017 Af en Af Gurdrun Schneider Af en AfIntermediate-ABC
    10.01.2017 Telepathy Chris Hodgson You Can't Read My MindImprover2-StepNo
    10.01.2017 Speak With Your Heart Peter & Alison Don't Tell Me You're Not In LoveBeginnerCha ChaTag
    10.01.2017 Texas Hero Elisabeth ( Shaky) Castjon Holdin Out Of A HeroIntermediate2-StepNo
    10.01.2017 Skiff A Billy Line Dance Bastiaan Van Leeuwen Skiff-A-Billy Line DanceBeginner2-StepNo
    10.01.2017 Mini Mariana Jan Welsh Mariana MamboBeginnerMamboNo
    10.01.2017 Footloose (Hubbard) Levi J. Hubbard & Starla Rodgers FootlooseBeginnerECSNo
    10.01.2017 Dizzy Jo Thompson DizzyBeginnerWCSNo
    10.01.2017 Good Time Jenny Cain Good TimeBeginner-No
    10.01.2017 Coastin' Tina & Ray Yeoman Lord Of The DanceBeginner-No
    10.01.2017 C.C.S. Tracy Davis & Jörg Hammer If I Never Stop Loving YouBeginnerCha ChaNo
    10.01.2017 Jambalaya Ian St Leon JambalayaImproverPolkaNo
    10.01.2017 Write This Down Laura Kampschroeder Write This DownBeginnerFoxNo
    10.01.2017 Waggle Dance Stephen Sunter & John H. Robinson The Great UnknownBeginner2-StepNo
    10.01.2017 Rose-A-Lee Preben Klitgaard Rose-A-LeeBeginner2-StepRestart
    30.05.2016 Tuesday Blues Simon Ward I Guess That's Why They Call It The BluesIntermediateRumbaRestart
    30.05.2016 Sangria Monica & Kjell Granquist San Antonio StrollImproverRumbaRestart
    30.05.2016 Cliché Love Song Jo Thompson / Guyton Mundy / John Robinson Cliche Love Song (Clean Version)IntermediateWCSTag
    30.05.2016 Break On Me Gaye Teather Break On MeImproverCha ChaRestart
    30.05.2016 Digital Age Daniel Trepat / Jose Miguel Belloque Vane Digital AgeIntermediateCha ChaABC
    30.05.2016 Tippy Tippy Toes José Belloque, Miquel Menéndez&Christina Boudewijns Tippy ToesBeginner-No
    30.05.2016 Simply Nightclub Val Myers and Deana Randle Tell HerBeginnerNC 2No
    30.05.2016 Neon Moon unbekanntBeginner-No
    30.05.2016 Dancing In The Moonlight Marie Sorensen Dancing In The MoonlightImprover-No
    30.05.2016 Bruises Niels Poulsen BruisesImproverPolkaRestart
    30.05.2016 Tipperary Girl Manuela Kaiser Tipperary GirlIntermediate2-StepTag
    30.05.2016 Somewhere In My Car Rachael McEnaney Somewhere In My CarIntermediate-Restart
    30.05.2016 Lover, Lover Tom Dvorák Lover, LoverBeginnerWCSNo
    30.05.2016 Gold Digger UnbekanntImproverCha ChaNo
    30.05.2016 Friday Yet Nadia Krieg Is It Friday YetIntermediate-No
    30.05.2016 Applejack unbekannt Fresh Coat Of PaintBeginner2-StepNo
    30.05.2016 Another Good Reason Yvonne Hammond Another Good ReasonIntermediate2-StepNo
    30.05.2016 Alcazar Robbie McGowan Hickie Blame It On The DiscoIntermediateECSRestart
    30.05.2016 Woo - Hoo Tina Summerfield WooBeginner-No
    30.05.2016 Walking Away Rachael McEnaneyImprover2-StepRestart
    30.05.2016 Budapest (Tobias Jentzsch) Tobias Jentzsch BudapestBeginnerWCSTag
    30.05.2016 Love You In A Barrel Niels Poulsen Love You In A BarrelImproverECSNo
    30.05.2016 Girls gone Wild Virginie Barjaud und Fatima OuhibiBeginnerCatalanNo
    30.05.2016 Alcohol Bruno Morel Put Some Alcohol On ItBeginner-No
    30.05.2016 Driven Rob Fowler, UK, 10.2012 DriveImproverPolkaTag
    30.05.2016 Cabo San Lucas Rep Ghazali Cabo San LucasBeginnerCha ChaNo
    30.05.2016 The Flute Maggie GallagherIntermediate-Restart
    30.05.2016 Tomorrow Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs TomorrowIntermediateNC 2Restart
    30.05.2016 Bring Me Down (Contra Line Dance) Unbekannt All You Ever Do Is Bring Me DownBeginnerECSNo
    08.01.2016 Southern Streamline Mack Apaapa, NZ 02/1999 Southern StreamlineIntermediate2-StepRestart
    08.01.2016 I Run To You Rachel McEnaney I Run To YouIntermediateWCSNo
    08.01.2016 Alabama Boy Francien Sittrop Alabama BoyImprover2-StepRestart
    08.01.2016 Wagon Wheel Rock Yvonne Anderson Wagon WheelIntermediate-No
    08.01.2016 Friends For Ten Alan & Barbara Heighway, Gaye Teather, Nigel Payne A Friend In NeedImproverPolkaNo
    08.01.2016 The Belle of Liverpool Audrey Watson The Belle of LiverpoolIntermediate-No
    08.01.2016 Voodoo Jive 32 Adrian Churm Voodoo VoodooBeginnerECSNo
    08.01.2016 Gambling Man Maggie Gallagher The Gambling ManIntermediate2-StepTag
    08.01.2016 Broon Sauce Rep Ghazali Whole Lotta Lovin'ImproverECSRestart
    08.01.2016 Let Her Go Francien Sittrop Let Her GoIntermediateNC 2Restart
    08.01.2016 Red Camaro Daniel Trepat Red CamaroIntermediate-No
    08.01.2016 Homeward Bound Paula & Karla Dornstedt Take Me HomeImprover-Restart
    08.01.2016 Make This Day Rachael McEnaney Make This DayImprover2-StepRestart
    08.01.2016 Sweet Like Cola Francien Sittrop Sweet Like ColaBeginnerFoxTag
    08.01.2016 Love Trick Rachael McEnaney What's Not To LoveBeginnerECSNo
    12.01.2015 Go Gentle Roy Hadisubroto Go GentleBeginnerTriple 2-StepNo
    12.01.2015 Empty Yvonne Anderson EmptyImprover2-StepNo
    12.01.2015 Say Geronimo Ria Vos GeronimoIntermediate-Restart
    12.01.2015 Reflection Alison Johnstone Da RootsIntermediateIrishNo
    12.01.2015 The Good Life Rachael McEnaney The Good LifeAdvanced-Tag
    12.01.2015 Stick like Glue Benny Ray & Pernille Ilkjaer Knudsen Stuck Like GlueBeginner-No
    12.01.2015 Stich it up Robbie McGowen Hickie Elvis MedleyIntermediate-No
    12.01.2015 Obsesion Roy Hadisubroto, Jose Miguel Belloquevane ObsesionImprover-Restart
    12.01.2015 Hey Brother Gudrun Schneider Hey BrotherIntermediate-Restart
    12.01.2015 Million Dollar Dance Hound DogBeginner-No
    12.01.2015 Mein Herz es brennt Tobias Jentzsch Mein HerzBeginner-Tag
    12.01.2015 I Hope You Find It Niels Poulsen I Hope You Find ItAdvancedNC 2Tag
    12.01.2015 Country Strong Mario Niederhuber That Changes EverythingIntermediate-No
    12.01.2015 Where I Belong Maggie Gallagher That's Where I BelongBeginnerCha ChaNo
    12.01.2015 More Than Friends Daniel TrepatIntermediate-No
    12.01.2015 Chicken Walk Jive Pat StottImproverECSNo
    12.01.2015 50 Ways Patrica E. Stott 50 Ways To Say GoodbyeIntermediate-Tag
    12.01.2015 Jailhouse Creole Kathy Kazmarek (09/2005) Jailhouse RockBeginnerECSNo
    12.01.2015 Bomshel Stomp Jamie Marchall & Karen Hedges Bomshel StompIntermediateNC 2Restart
    12.01.2015 The Blues Is Alright Pim Van Grootel The Blues Is AlrightIntermediateECSNo
    12.01.2015 A Perfect Day Simon Ward Stay The NightIntermediate2-StepNo
    30.10.2014 Chica Loca Daniel Trepat Chica LocaBeginnerCha ChaNo
    30.10.2014 Ooo B Doo (Jungle Book Dance) Kim Nolan I Wanna Be Like YouBeginnerECSRestart
    30.10.2014 You Got Away Niels Poulsen You Got AwayImproverECSTag
    30.10.2014 Rumba Rhythm Larry Bass All That Heaven Will AllowBeginnerRumbaNo
    30.10.2014 Roll In The Hay Annie Corthesy Roll In The HayImprover-No
    30.10.2014 9 To 5 (Nic Bartlam) Nic Bartlam 9 To 5Beginner-Tag
    30.10.2014 Make my Day Francien Sittrop Perhaps, perhapsImproverCha ChaNo
    30.10.2014 Slipped And Fell I Slipped and Fell in LoveBeginnerWCSNo
    30.10.2014 Blurred Lines (Coenmans) Giovanni Coenmans Blurred LinesImproverWCSNo
    30.10.2014 Hey Boy Ria Vos Hey BoyImproverECSTag
    30.10.2014 Get Your Feet Down Michelle Chandonnet 1, 2, 3Advanced-ABC
    30.10.2014 Lightning Polka Peter Metelnick Sin WagonIntermediatePolkaNo
    30.10.2014 Half Past Nothin' Neville Fitzgerald & Julie HarrisIntermediate-No
    30.10.2014 All Summer long Pim van Grootel&Daniel Trepat All summer longImproverWCSABC
    30.10.2014 Alabama Slammin' Rachael McEnaney If You Want My LoveIntermediateFunkyNo
    30.10.2014 Tango With The Sheriff Adrian Churm Cha TangoImprover-No
    30.10.2014 Mercury Blue Caz Robertson Mercury BlueIntermediate-No
    30.10.2014 Just Wright Maggie Gallagher C'est la VieImproverECSNo
    30.10.2014 Dance With Me Tonight Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Dance With Me TonightIntermediate2-StepRestart
    30.10.2014 Cannibal Stomp Lisa Firth CannibalsImprover-No
    30.10.2014 T'Morrow Never Knows Maggie Gallagher (Febr. 09) T'morrow Never KnowsBeginner2-StepNo
    30.10.2014 Princess & Cowboy Kelly Haugen A Woman Like YouBeginnerWaltzNo
    30.10.2014 Last In Line Kate Sala Favourite Boyfriend Of The YearImprover2-StepNo
    30.10.2014 Just A Memory John Dean & Maggie Gallagher Memories Are MadeBeginnerECSNo
    30.10.2014 I Still Believe Giovanni Coenmans I Still BelieveImproverNC 2No
    30.10.2014 Hurricane Phillippe Emch Any Way The Wind BlowsImprover2-StepNo
    30.10.2014 Hickory Lake Ron Welters Hickory LakeBeginnerPolkaNo
    30.10.2014 God Blessed Texas Shirley K. Batson God Blessed TexasBeginnerWCSNo
    30.10.2014 Cowboy Charleston unbekannt Baton RougeBeginner2-StepNo
    30.10.2014 Circle Jerk unknown If I Can Find A Clean ShirtBeginnerCha ChaNo
    30.10.2014 Achy Breaky Melanie Greenwood Achy Breaky HeartBeginnerWCSNo
    30.10.2014 Chica Boom Boom Vikki Morris Boom Boom Goes My HeartBeginnerECSNo
    30.10.2014 Cotton Eye Joe Mixer Unbekannt Cotton Eyed JoeBeginnerECSNoCircle Mixer
    30.10.2014 Sugar & Pai Kelli Haugen Sugar And PaiImproverECSNo
    30.10.2014 Singing The Song Pim Humphrey (UK) January 2008 This Is The LifeImprover2-StepNo
    30.10.2014 Go Mama Go Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie Let Your Momma GoImprover2-StepTag
    30.10.2014 PicNic Polka David Paden I Want To Be A Cowboy's SweetheartBeginnerPolkaNo
    30.10.2014 All Shook Up Naomi Fleetwood All Shook UpImproverECSABC
    07.08.2014 Mexi Fest Kate Sala Back In Your Arms AgainImproverCha ChaNo
    07.08.2014 Calling Memphis Justine BrownImprover-No
    07.08.2014 Wonderland Waltz Rob Fowler Welcome To MysteryImproverWaltzNo
    07.08.2014 Bumpy Ride Daniel TrépatImprover-No
    07.08.2014 Hearts & Flowers Adrian Chum Hearts And FlowersBeginnerPolkaNo
    07.08.2014 Hold Your Horses A.T. Kinson & Tom Mickers Hold Your HorsesIntermediateECSABC
    07.08.2014 Leaving Of Liverpool Maggie Gallagher Leaving Of LiverpoolBeginnerPolkaNo
    07.08.2014 Louisiana Swing Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie Home To LouisianaIntermediatePolkaNo
    07.08.2014 Not Fair Francien Sittrob Not FairImproverPolkaNo
    07.08.2014 Pizziricco Dynamite Dot PizziriccoBeginnerECSNo
    07.08.2014 Walking Backwards Robbie McGowan Hickie Walking BackwardsImproverCha ChaNo
    14.02.2014 Joyride Robbie McGowan Hickie One Way TicketIntermediateCha ChaNo
    12.01.2014 Prince Charming Kate Sala & Rob FowlerIntermediate2-StepNo
    12.01.2014 Cheap Talk Gaye Teather Talk Is CheapBeginner2-StepNo
    12.01.2014 My Veronica Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs VeronicaIntermediate-No
    12.01.2014 That Man Doug and Jackie Miranda That ManImprover-No
    12.01.2014 Barn Dance (Circle-Couple) Dick & Geneva Mattis It Won't HurtBeginnerWCSNo
    12.01.2014 1000 Years (Or More) Martin Ritchie A Love Worth Waiting ForBeginnerRumbaNo
    12.01.2014 Halleluja Adriano Castagnoli Joy's Gonna Come In The MorningIntermediateCatalanNo
    12.01.2014 Action Darren Bailey & Lana Williams A Little Less Talk (Dance Mix)BeginnerWCSNo
    23.09.2013 Little To High Richard Palmer & Lorna Dennis CandyImprover-Tag
    23.09.2013 Swiss Country Marcel Rohrer Swiss American YodelImproverPolkaABC
    22.09.2013 Dog Gone Blues Jo Thompson No more DogginImproverWCSTag
    22.09.2013 Moonlight Madness Cathy & Kathy A Moon To RememberIntermediateWCSNo
    22.09.2013 Cheyenne unknown If I said you have a beautiful bodyBeginner-No
    22.09.2013 Snake Unbekannt 1000 MilesBeginnerCha ChaNo
    22.09.2013 Copperhead Road unbekannt Copperhead RoadBeginnerWCSNo
    22.09.2013 Mary Mary Darren BaileyImprover-Tag
    22.09.2013 Who Did You Call Darlin' Kevin & Maria Smith Who Did You Call Darlin'Improver2-StepNo
    22.09.2013 Respect Dutch Delight (Daniel, Pim, Jose RespectBeginnerWCSTag
    22.09.2013 Red Hot Salsa Christina Browne Red Hot SalsaBeginner-No
    22.09.2013 Honky Tonk Town Margaret Swift Playing Every Honk TonkBeginnerECSNo
    22.09.2013 Eye Candy Gerard Murphy CandymanBeginnerECSNo
    22.09.2013 Rompin' Stompin' Robert Royston Rompin' Stompin'Improver2-StepNo
    15.02.2013 Hung Up On You Bente Kongstad Hung Up On YouBeginner2-StepTag
    15.02.2013 Hocked On Country Miranda Doug Hooked On CountryBeginner-No
    15.02.2013 Fisher's Hornpipe Val ReevesBeginner-No
    15.02.2013 Electric Slide unknown Electric BoogieBeginner2-StepNo
    15.02.2013 Cowboy Casanova Michael W. Diven Cowboy CasanovaIntermediate-No
    15.02.2013 Big Girls Boogie Mavis Broom Big Girls (You're Beautiful)BeginnerWCSNo
    15.02.2013 Beethoven's Boogie Rob Fowler Boogie and BeethovenImproverECSNo
    15.02.2013 Foot Boogie Ryan Dobry Baby Likes To Rock ItBeginnerECSNo
    15.02.2013 Driftaway Cha-Cha Peter Metelnick What Do You Say To ThatBeginnerCha ChaNo
    15.02.2013 Cha Cha With Me Niels B. Poulsen Dance With MeImproverCha ChaNo
    15.02.2013 Twisting The Night Away Twistin' The Night AwayIntermediateECSNo
    15.02.2013 Sunshine Waltz Gaye Teather For The Love of SunshineImproverWaltzNo
    15.02.2013 One Step Forward Betty Wilson & Charlotte Lucia One Step ForwardBeginner-No
    15.02.2013 Mojo Rhythm Rob Fowler That's How Rhythm Was Born'Intermediate-No
    15.02.2013 Mi Rowsu DJ Alex,Pim van Grootel,Daniel Trepat, Roy Verdonk, Jose Miguel Belloque-Vane & Raymond Sarlemijn Tuintje In Mijn Hart (Mi Rowsu)IntermediateMamboTag
    15.02.2013 Let's Rock Ursula Ritter Crazy Little Rockin'BeginnerECSNo
    15.02.2013 King Of The Road Pedro Machado & Jo Thompson King Of The RoadBeginnerWCSNo
    15.02.2013 I Do Swift Marcel Rohrer mit Janine, Angela, Desirée, Mike, Sven, Dario, Philipp You Belong With MeBeginnerECSTag
    15.02.2013 Honky Tonk Twist Max Perry Honky Tonk TwistBeginnerECSNo
    15.02.2013 Good To Be Us Darren Daz Bailey & Lana Williams It's Good To Be UsIntermediateECSRestart
    15.02.2013 Ghost Train Kathy Hunyadi Ghost TrainBeginnerWCSNo
    15.02.2013 Burlesque Norman Gifford Welcome To BurlesqueIntermediate-RestartTango
    15.02.2013 Zjozzys Funk Petra Van de Velde Bacco PerbaccoImproverECSTag
    15.02.2013 Reet Petite June "The Lady In Black" Deakin Reet PetiteBeginnerECSNo
    28.08.2012 Shoop Swin Kings (Roy V., Ray S., Darren B., Pim v. G., Dani T.) ShoopImproverFunkyNo
    28.08.2012 Never Ever Petra & Georg Kiesewetter No No NeverIntermediate2-StepNo
    28.08.2012 My Teddy Bear Judy Cain Let Me Be Your Teddy BearBeginner-No
    28.08.2012 Hooked On Country Doug Miranda Hooked On CountryBeginnerWCSNo
    28.08.2012 Get Down Darren Bailey & Lana Williams Get Down On ItBeginner-No
    29.04.2012 Hot Tamales Neil Hale Country Down To My SoulIntermediateECSNo
    29.04.2012 Duck Soup Frank Trace RestlessBeginnerECSNo
    29.04.2012 That'll Be The Day Patricia E StottImproverECSNo
    29.04.2012 Suds In The Bucket Yvonne Anderson Suds In the BucketIntermediate2-StepNo
    29.04.2012 Irish Spirit Maggie Gallagher Celtic RockIntermediate-No
    10.01.2012 Eagles Rock Gaye Teather How LongIntermediate-Tag